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Some Programming NOTES! ----- At the top of EACH hour from 6 AM thru 12 Noon......Daily Local NOAA weather forcasts are aired with full 3 day weather reports by members of our Weather Team! Then Repeated Once More at 6PM ------ ALSO For Your Pleasuere ---- Each Monday, Wednesday and Fridy at 7:30 PM......... "The Fibber McGee and Molly Show"...... a full half hour of hilarious shennagins featuring a long list of odd and funny characters too long to list here ! ----- THEN.....Also, for Your entertainment --------- AT 8:30 PM ...."The Great Gildersleves" featuring Throckmorton Gildersleves with his nephew---Leroy and, neice----Marjorie who have become his wards due to the passing of his brother also including an assortment of other nefarious characters guaranteed to keep you laughing and amused ! ......ALL - HEARD In Weekly Episodes ON....


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Ernie Hamm
"The Boss"
Bill Joey "Mr. Smoothie"
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Summer "Shy Girl"
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Andrew"Mr. Pepper"
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Rosie "Sweet Thing"
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Grace "Gracie"
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Henry "The Techie"
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